Gift Baskets With Alcohol

And No Obstacles For Genuine Connoisseurs

For your gifts, we have specifically created a collection of mixed gift baskets that bring together many interesting options and contain all sorts of taste and flavour combinations, meeting the most demanding requirements to satisfaction of the connoisseurs of a delicious gourmet meal.

Each of the gifts embodies only the best and genuine: meat and fish delicatessen, top alcohol, chocolate, sweets, fruit and berry products, seductive desserts and other mouth-watering delicious offers for gourmets.

These can surprise, delight and express your emotions via hand-picked combinations of foods and drinks!

You only need to choose the gift basket which, in your opinion, contains the most delicatessen and tasty food. The one that would become the elegant manifestation of a little miracle in bright packaging.

We offer you the perfect solution — acquire stylish gift baskets with a range of delicious offers from Wellenmark! They will delight you, making your celebration brighter, more intriguing and better, enabling you to relish everything that life gives us.

If you wish, you can create your own gift or change the components of the pre-set gift to alternative options.

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