Next to liquors there is another alcohol category, balsams and bitters. The key difference in this group of drinks is that they are based on spicy and bitter tastes.

Balsams’ recipes usually include dozens of different plant components, while bitters have more simple compositions. Single-component bitters are often called tinctures. However, all of them are highly popular, have a range of consumption options and perfectly fit the roles of digestive and flavour component as the basis for many cocktails and tonics.

Bitter-based cocktails offer a slightly bitter, styptic taste that is indicative of the elegance and nobility of the drink, while subtle flavours surprise by amazing overtones and unexpected aftertaste effects.

Be sure to taste these poignant herbal liqueurs — bitters and balsams. Try the unique scent of freedom, the real taste of untamed winds, the sound of clean water in the depths of the forest thicket, freshness of herbs and plants that absorb all the summer charms, offering a balanced harmony, a refreshing mouthful of noble, healing bitterness that covers the lips with elusive taste of nature.

Make your choice and follow your taste to complement your gift, your milestone event or bar collection with a genuine bitter. Because this is premium alcohol for the best people!

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