Currently, the Wellenmark online store accepts the following payment options:


1. Cash Payment to The Courier Upon Order Delivery

This payment option is used for orders with a deadline of up to three days. Together with the order, the customer receives an invoice and a document listing all the items in the order.


2. Card Payment Through The Online Store

This form of payment is available to all our clients using the online store. After payment, the client will receive an email containing a copy of the invoice and payment confirmation. The original document will be provided when the order is delivered.

Attention! Bank card payment is available through our online store only. The delivery service is unable to provide a payment terminal.


3. Bank Transfer Payment

This is a prepayment option, and can be used for orders where the delivery date is at least three days in the future.

After finalising the order, the client will receive an email containing a filled-in bank order for bank transfer payment along with an order confirmation.

Attention! When paying by bank transfer, be aware that order delivery is possible only after the funds have cleared in the seller’s account.

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