Cooperation with Advertising/PR Agencies

If you are an Advertising or PR agency and your client has requested design and configuration of food-related gifts, Wellenmark is here to help. We are ready to be your long-term supplier and trusted partner.

As importer and distributor of most of our products, we always have a good selection of items that deserve being recommended to your client – you can use them to create top-quality, luxurious-tasting and flawlessly-beautiful gifts.

We are always open to dialogue – we listen to our partners, ensuring an individual approach and tailored terms and contracts. Ongoing information support, optimal pricing, special discounts and bonuses – these are just a few of the benefits of working with Wellenmark.

After all, working with us also means a simple and straight forward approach, attention to detail and to your requirements, optimal timing of deliveries, fast order completion and, of course, cost savings. Everything that guarantees your efficiency, allowing you to use our expertise for successful implementation of large, complex and intricate orders.

Knowing the market and understanding the customer’s needs, we take into account your requirements and strive to complement your services with a range of fantastic products that will help you to go above and beyond when attracting clients, ensuring that your gifts are remarkable and stand out from the rest. Find the best options and most effective solutions for any, even the most specific, task set up by your clients.

Are you ready to seize new opportunities for the benefit of your clients? Then Wellenmark is the answer. We are your reliable and understanding contractor, your extra tool for stable and successful operations, the instrument that will help you to accomplish new plans, ideas and projects, to create new, profitable and unparalleled solutions for your clients. Take advantage of our offer – the results are sure to exceed your expectations.

Our professionalism is backed up by an A+++ rating awarded in 2015 by the rating agency. To get started, just write to us or phone us. Our managers will guide you through the process and let you know about our special offers for advertising agencies

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